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MELT COSMETICS - Blueprint Palette

MELT COSMETICS - Blueprint Palette

55,95 €Preço

Uma fantástica paleta com 8 tons de azul e bronze com acabamentos metálicos e mate. 



1. Skylight- A celestial baby blue shimmer. The chunky pearl in this sheer shade will brighten any room. Add it to the center of the lid, over top of your blue metallics, for that extra pop of light.
2. Deadbolt- Sparkling sky blue metallic, that will have any look on-lock. Applied with a fluffy brush, the shade adds a sheer layer of dazzling pearl. Use over Steel Reflect Gel Liner as a base for an ocean blue foiled effect.
3. Dim-out- There isn’t a power outage, this midnight blue matte is just so pigmented it can block out any light. Use this opaque hue to add depth to your eye look or wear it all over the lid for a true-blue smoke.
4. King Stud- This royal sapphire metallic shade is the framework to constructing a brilliant blue smoky eye. Just one swipe of a finger and this imperial shade applies to a true opaque blue foil.
5.Beaming- For a glowing look with a radiant pale gold finish. Dust this iridescent hue into your inner corner and the highpoints of the face for a beaming highlight.
6. Hot Wire- Spark up a statement eye in this scorching orange copper. Pack this foiled shade over a gel liner for a fiery metallic wing.
7. Nailed- For a foolproof warm, gleaming eye, use a finger to apply this this true bronze shimmer all over the lid. Add Hammered eyeshadow in the crease for a banging bronze smoked eye, appropriate for any occasion.
8. Hammered- We hit the nail on the head with this matte mahogany hue. It’s warm tone allows this shade to easily transition with your blue tones, while simultaneously adding flattering warmth back into your look.


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